STL Notary Coordination

Looking to get your ballot notarized?

It is too late to send in your absentee or mail-in ballot! Here are your options:

  • Mail-In Ballots (cannot be dropped off and counted - only via USPS):

    • If one of the absentee reasons applies to you, please consider surrendering your ballot to your BOE or satellite location and voting absentee in-person

    • You can also bring your ballot to your polling place on Election Day and surrender it. You’ll be able to cast a regular ballot!

  • Absentee Ballots:

    • Drop off your ballot at the BOE or one of the satellite locations. If you get your ballot notarized in advance you can skip the line and drop it off! You can also have a family member drop it off for you with ID.

    • There are a few more notary events this weekend.

Note that we did our best to compile all of this information accurately, but we're human and things change too- please verify days/hours/locations and what you need to bring before you go!We are referencing the for events as well and that's the source of truth for notary info across Missouri.
Notary Event Running List

Looking for information about voting?

Check out this video explaining how to vote by mail in MO from the Bipartisan Policy Center and the STL Public Library

Check out this video explaining absentee ballots from the Bipartisan Policy Center and the STL Public Library

We are a group of community volunteers working to match local businesses/non-profits with volunteer notaries to provide free, safe notarization services throughout the St. Louis area to voters with absentee and mail in ballots for the Nov 3 election. You can contact us at